Ramadan fasting time table


“Ramadan: The Universal Month of Fasting for Muslims Worldwide”

Ramadan Fasting Timetable in the UAE”

Date DayIslamic Date Sehri سحریIFTAR افطار
11Monday15:05 am 6:29 pm
12Tuesday25:04 am 6:30 pm
13Wednesday35:03 am 6:30 pm
14Thursday45:02 am 6:31 pm
15Friday55:01 am 6:31 pm
16Saturday65:00 am 6:31 pm
17Sunday74:59 am 6:32 pm
18Monday84:58 am 6:32 pm
19Tuesday94:57 am 6:33 pm
20Wednesday104:56 am 6:33 pm
21Thursday114:55 am 6:34 pm
22Friday124:54 am6:34 pm
23Saturday134:52 am 6:35 am
24Sunday144:51 am 6:35 pm
25Monday154:50 am 6:35 pm
26Tuesday164:49 am 6:36 pm
27wednesday174:48 am 6:36 pm
28thursday184:47 am 6:37 pm
29Friday194:46 am 6:37 pm
30Saturday204:45 am6:38p m
31Sunday214:44 am 6:38 pm
1Monday224:42 am 6:39 pm
2Tuesday234:41 am 6:39 pm
3Wednesday244:40 am6:39 pm
4Thursday254:39 am6:40 pm
5Friday264:38 am6:40 pm
6Saturday274:37 am6:41 pm
7Sunday284:36 am6:41 pm
8Monday294:35 am6:42 pm
9Tuesday304:33 am 6:42
Ramadan Timing for fasting

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